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The Old Post Office or Modern Means of Communication/ September 2012

 In 2012 Duppini Art Group broadened its area of activities by focusing on exhibiting of modern art in urban environment. With the support of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Duppini organized the The Old Post Office - Mini Festival for Contemporary Art. The Old Post office area neglected for years and lacking in communication with the surrounding environment, was awaken for a month-long art polylogue.
The central event of the mini festival was the project The Old Post Office or Modern Means of Communication (18 - 22 September 2012, Veliko Tarnovo), supported by Gaudenz Ruf Award. It featured 15 authors, working both in Bulgaria and abroad. Communication was the main topic – interpersonal, multicultural, crossing time and spaces, fixed or transient, successful or missing, deliberately limited or brimming with significance and intent.

The involvement of well-known authors, delivering their message to the site and the town and their interconnection and live communication supported the ambition of Duppini Art Group for outlining and promoting Veliko Turnovo as an active cultural centre of the modern art and attracted plenty of genuine attention among the media and the general public.

Participants: Krasimir Dobrev, Mladen Mladenov, Irina Kasabova, Tsvetan Krastev, Emil Bachijski, Albena Mihailova–Bendji, Petar Lazarov, Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromati, Nedko Nedkov, Yoanna Tiele, Ivo Bistrichki, Hristo Gelov, Nina Kovacheva and Valentin Stefanov


Nina Kovacheva and Valentin Stefanov
Emil Bachijski
Ivo Bistrichki
Mladen Mladenov
Hristo Gelov
Yoanna Tiele
Nedko Nedkov

 Petar Lazarov
Irina Kasabova
Tsvetan Krastev
Krasimir Dobrev
Albena Mihailova–Bendji
Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromati

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