вторник, 24 февруари 2009 г.


Conceptual Discourse 3D Abstract Baroque Installation. By means of the Art Group Art parfopmansa Dupini recreates the live creation of an artistic work. Visual introduction begins with a trivial proposal with many opportunities - Baroque framework flankirashta one untouched "white paintings" (built by primed in white wooden cubes) - blank space for each abstract imitativen vizualist. Rethinking intellectual, emotional experiencing Catvorenieto idea, passing through the lyrical, dramatic and sarcastic plastic anguish, emotional sublimed to levitation - come to the simplest act of reflex zhestikularen distruktsiya physical picture of the two-dimensional space, building parformativno real three-dimensional picture. Abstract geometric shapes pamkovoto exposed outside space, gravitational and inertial samoaranzhirani, Fractal samokompozirani. Crystalline structure with a futuristic flashing color contrasts. Ironic opposition to the solemn pretension of baroque frame picture and the geometrization prosaic space is not a random act, and naturally sought temporal contrast in the historical transformation of the creative process. Symbolic act of Catvorenieto, conquer basic anguish of the creative push for stylistics, composition, shape and any such prejudices of Art free expression.