неделя, 11 май 2008 г.

Duppini Project in Process/Traces- Projections

The subject of the project TRACES – PROJECTIONS arose with the specific image of the beech woods of Tryavna mountain, Bilkinite neighbourhood.
On the stems of the venerable beeches there are traces of all types of inscriptions, signs and symbols left by occasional passengers or local people. While growing the trees have shaped up, woven and changed these scars, “corrected” with the time, now becoming aesthetic and overcoming the initial impression of healing wounds. This way of sharing thoughts has remained the only evidence of the people in these places once bubbling with life.

The project suggests revealing Bulgarian cultural traces in the Tryavna region of Balkan mountains and their projection into the European cultural environment.

събота, 10 май 2008 г.

Duppini village images

During our visits and work in Duppini, we decided to develop the place into a center for creative work, contemplation, experimenting and research – a space with no sterile limits, a focal point where different mentalities, art concepts and ideas meet and interact.

The Duppini hamlet was deserted about 40 years ago, probably because the population lost its means of living. Now it’s still empty for the most part of the year. Duppini has remained untouched by the modern life and preserved the atmosphere of days long gone. It would attract people looking for a quiet place where one could perform his ideas using various artistic means, a place that would stir up any contemporary artist. We’ve chosen this place for its unique characteristic architecture, for its power to combine an art concept and its product into the natural environment; for the human touch of its beauty; for the spirit of authentic Bulgarian village from XIX century. Moved by its uncivilized virginity we are trying to revive it with the power of the art, while preserving its unique nature, architecture and spirit.